For nearly two decades, Lewa Pardomuan and David Fogarty have been collecting Asian textiles, beadwork, statues, carpets, posters and other artefacts. We have been fortunate in being able to piece together a wonderful collection, and to have benefitted from the guidance of  some of the best dealers and other collectors. 

A large portion of the collection focuses on Indonesia, which boasts an immense cultural richness that is often under-appreciated even within Indonesia itself. A major aim of this website is to try to promote a greater interest  in the diverse skilled traditions and productions of  Indonesian artisans.  In growing this appreciation, it is hoped that communities in Indonesia will retain and evolve a heritage of historical knowledges and expertise in the making of complex textiles, basketry and metalworking, among many other arts. 

We particularly wish to thank Georgia Kan of Tatiana Arts in Singapore for her friendship, and for her generously shared knowledge over the years. We also truly appreciate the friendship of Daeng Iskandar, Komang Ary,  Asmorodewi Damais, Jean Howe and William Ingram of Threads of Life, Rosalie Abdul Rahman and the late Gabriella Teggia, Eiko Kusuma and Cinzia Siena.